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The Red Cross in Iceland encourages Icelanders to respect people in the country irrespective of origin. There are about 320.000 inhabitants in Iceland and 10% of them, around 30.000 individuals, are of a different origin. 

In recent years  it has become noticeable that some people receive discrimination due to their land of origin, for instance when applying for jobs or accomodation. This can lead to serious consequences for our society as a whole.

Therefore the Red Cross Society decided to initiate a two year  campaign to encourage people to do a little self reflection, become aware of how they communicate with others of different origin, skin colour or religion and see if they can do better.

This webpage is part of the campaign and all material that is produced on the subject over the next two years will be available here. The intention is to inform people in many different ways,  through communication technologies, such as mass medias and theatres.

The advocacy of the Red Cross will be strengthened considerably and courses will be offered to firms and individuals informing them on methods of avoiding conscious or unconscious discrimination.

The campaign began in March 2015 with the opening of this webpage and a conference on the subject, in collaboration with the EU Information Centre, the Icelandic Human Rights Centre and the City of Reykjavik.

Ten percent of the nation´s inhabitants are of a foreign origin and each one is entitled to the same rights.

 Therefore the Icelandic Red Cross says: Be nice!

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